Kim Goetz

Kim Goetz - Administrator

Job Title: Administrator of Bookkeeping & Good Taste

Favorite part: My favorite part of being an Administrative of Bookkeeping and Good Taste is the people I work with. The staff here at Lewis Group are easily my favorite people in the world and I enjoy working with them to serve our clients. We do a fantastic job and we have a lot of fun while we do it.

Office Pseudonym: The Riddler

On Fridays, I like to: Spend time with my husband and kids. Family activities are the best, but I also enjoy a little “me” time when I go golfing with my friends. My long game is longer than my short game and I am never short on fun.

This one time at Lewis Group: Scott stole my gift during the annual Christmas gift exchange. Then he did it again the next year. I am currently working on a master plan to deprive him of his Christmas gift in every future office party!

Words for the wise: "Be a kind human."