Scott Bargaehr

Scott Bargaehr, CPA

Job Title: Quantifier of Legumes

My favorite part of being a bean counter is: The opportunity to help and teach others. Our tax system is unnecessarily overcomplicated- and I enjoy helping folks understand the parts of the system that apply to them. If a client leaves my office understanding more about their tax situation than they did before our meeting, then I have done my job.

Office pseudonym: Manuel of the Manuals

On Friday I like to: Spend time with my family; my wife, Kristen, and our son, Ansel. We enjoy surfing, hiking, skiing, jeep adventures, most outdoor activities (excepting running, that is a punishment), board games, movie night, playing music together, and generally having a grand old time!

This one time, at Lewis Group...: I discovered Lewis Group has a well-equipped first-aid kit in the office. I was riding my longboard to work, as is my summer custom, and I wiped out in the Lewis Group parking lot. The last section of street on my way to our prior office is downhill, so I was going fast enough to make a pretty good mess of myself right in front of Nancy’s window. Fortunately, I did not break any bones and my wife was able to bring me a new pair of not-ripped pants before my first meeting.

Word for the wise: “The world will never lack for wonders, only wonder.” –Sonny Salsbury